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Paco's Untimely Death

On the night of April 5th Paco started vomiting. He was quiet through the night, but in the morning, it progressed to severe diarrhea. I took him to the vet where it was discovered that he had Congestive Heart Failure and worms. He also quit eating on the morning of April 6th. The veterinarian prescribed medication that would help his heart pump more efficiently. After we returned home, he stayed to himself and still didn't act like he was feeling well. He did eat a little Saturday night, but it had to be hand fed to him piece by piece. We rushed him to the emergency vet early Monday, and they kept him through the day to give him some much needed fluids. They gave him medication to help with the vomiting and fluids to help for the dehydration. He was sent home because they still could not get him to eat. He would try, but wouldn't swallow. We tried to feed him many different things in the hope that he would eat something. He would take it into his mouth and then spit it back out again. I thought maybe it was a bad tooth. I finally got him to eat his dry food one kibble at a time. We headed back to the vet Tuesday, April 9th and it was discovered that Paco's cancer had spread and he had a mass wrapped around his esophagus, which was keeping him from swallowing. It was then that we, along with the veterinarian decided that humane euthanasia was the best course of action. Paco will be greatly missed. We loved him so much.

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