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Max's Untimely Death

A year after we had Max, when he was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia. This disease is where the immune system attacks the red blood cells of the animal's own body. This causes uncontrollable bleeding throughout the body. He was on a medication called Azathioprine for a while to suppress his immune system. The veterinarian's decided to pull him off of this medication about 5 years later when Max's liver started to fail. It seemed his condition was under control for the time being. April 20th Max started to bleed again while I was doing my volunteer work for the animals. My husband called me to let me know. He rushed him to the clinic that I was at. By that time, it was evident that Max was bleeding internally. The veterinarian was surprised that he had even survived the trip. The veterinarian decided that it was in Max's best interest to be humanely euthanized.


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