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Jasmine's Surgery and Results

Jasmine's surgery came and went on February 28th. She did well during surgery, but it wasn't what the veterinarian expected. When he made his initial incision, he discovered that Jasmine did not have lipomas after all. The veterinarian discovered a small hernia in place of the lipomas. The lipomas were misdiagnosed due to the fact that fat had spilled out of hole in her abdominal muscles and created two large fat pockets under the skin. When these masses had a fine needle aspiration done on them and only fat cells were discovered, it was assumed that the masses were just fatty lipomas. The veterinarian said that he had never seen anything like this before. The veterinarian found the two hard masses within the fat that we had initially reported. The veterinarian removed all of the fat that had spilled out of the abdomen, along with the two hard masses. The veterinarian sent the two hard masses off to histology. Jasmine did well during and after the surgery.

The results of the histopathology report showed that the two hard masses just contained a bunch of hard, dead fat cells. The blood flow had been cut off from the fat that had spilled out of the abdomen. The masses were a result of that blood flow being cut off and fat cells decaying. Everything was cancer free.

Jasmine will be on cage rest for a week and exercise restriction for two. She will need to go out separately so that she is not bothered by the other members of the pack.


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