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Jasmine and Walter's upcoming vet visit

On February 7th Walter will go into the vet to have a sedated x-ray to test for a mega-esophagus. Walter has a horrible problem with regurgitation after eating his meals for no reason at all. He regurgitates his stomach contents into his nasal passage, and it causes him to have problems breathing. We are afraid that one time he will develop aspiration pneumonia if we cannot find a fix to his problem.

Jasmine will be going into the vet on the same day to have an examination of her lipomas. She has had these lipomas on her abdomen for several years now. They are just a fatty tumor and not life threatening. She has recently developed two hard tumors inside of her lipomas. We need to make sure these are not cancerous.

We are asking for donations to help with the veterinary costs of these procedures.


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