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Welcome to Voiceless Moments Dog Sanctuary

A Loving Home for Disabled Small Dogs


We are a 501c3 nonprofit animal sanctuary located in Erin, TN. However, we service the areas of Stewart and Houston Counties in Tennessee. We are dedicated to rescuing and providing care for disabled and senior dogs. At Voiceless Moments, we prioritize compassion, integrity, and the well-being of every dog in our care.

Our family started rescuing dogs in 2012. I, Charlee, the founder and director of Voiceless Moments Dog Sanctuary, worked with a local rescue in Stewart County for nearly 10 years. It seemed that most of the medical and senior dogs came to live with me at our house. After a discussion, it was decided that we would branch off and start a sanctuary for small dogs in this category. Unfortunately, not many individuals wish to adopt a dog if it is senior or has a disability. Our main goal is to make sure families have the resources and knowledge to keep their pets at home. We step in and take the dog into our care when the owner can no longer care for the dog. We provide food, water, shelter, and all medical care that is deemed necessary by a licensed veterinarian. Dogs that come into the sanctuary with a medical disability will not be adopted out. They become a part of the Voiceless Moments family and live out the remainder of their days in our care. If, someday, the animal is deemed healthy enough to no longer receive medical care, a suitable family will be found for the dog.

Your donations will go towards all care that animals in house receive. This includes food, basic necessities, and medical care.

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