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About Molly

Big Baby

Molly was a throw-out puppy. Her owner had an unwanted litter. They could not find a home for Molly and her sister, so they were going to throw them out on the side of the road somewhere. We couldn't allow that, so we took Molly in and my mother took in Lily, her sister. Molly was raised with small dogs, so she believed she was a small, lap dog. She was a 94 pound lap dog all of her life. Especially if she was at the veterinary clinic.


Molly's Story

Molly was a big dog, that thought she was built in a small package. She was not. She weighed in at 94 pounds. One day out in the yard, she was running around playing. She slid around one corner and went down. She had to be carried back into the house. She was rushed to the vets, where they discovered that she had torn her cruciate ligament totally in two. This required a surgical fix. It was either amputate the leg or perform a TPLO surgery to correct the issue. She was a large dog and would not do well with a rear leg amputation, so we decided to have it repaired. She went in for her TPLO surgery April 2022. She had six weeks of recovery, which required intensive physical therapy and bed rest. She did recover well. August 2023 Molly began vomiting and defecating blood. We rushed her into the vets and they ran blood work and a fecal. They found out that she had a bleeding ulcer in her upper small intestine. Along with this, they discovered in her bloodwork that her kidneys were failing. She spent one day in the hospital and each subsequent day time hours for the next week. At night and on the weekend we would treat her with IV fluid therapy at home, along with medication to help stop the bleeding in her intestine. We worked with her until she collapsed on the morning of August 12, 2023. We rushed her to the veterinary clinic and under veterinary advice she was humanely euthanized. It was determined that her kidney disease had progressed to a fatal level. She crossed the rainbow bridge August 12, 2023.

Molly's Life

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