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About Paco

Energizer Bunny

Paco was found wandering the streets of Dover, TN. An owner was found, and he was returned. A week later he was found wandering again. We contacted the owner and she said that she gave him away but didn't know to who. She said he had too many problems. She didn't want him.


Paco's Story

Paco came to us with a severely injured left front leg. It is now deformed and has nerve damage from whatever caused the injury. The nerve damage causes him to lick his foot to the point that it bleeds. We had to start fashioning clothes to cover his foot to prevent further injury. About a year after Paco came to us there was a night where he just started screaming in pain. We rushed him to the emergency vet, and it was established that Paco had a bad disk in his back. He was put on pain medication and also bed rest for a month. He takes this medication still to maintain quality of life. Paco began having multiple, long lasting seizures recently. It was established that he was epileptic, and he was put on seizure medication to help prevent the seizures. He will be on this medication for the rest of his life.

The night of Friday, April 5th, Paco started vomiting. Early Saturday morning Paco then started with some diarrhea. Paco stopped eating that morning. We took Paco to The Animal Clinic of Stewart County where Dr. Rita R Tinsley diagnosed Paco with Congestive Heart Failure, round worms, and coccidia. He began treatment that day. He began feeling better, but still would not eat, and over Sunday he began to have bloody diarrhea. Monday we were referred to Eastview Veterinary Clinic for bloodwork and radiographs. His bloodwork showed that he had elevated liver values and his abdominal radiographs showed that he had a very distended GI tract. He was also very dehydrated from not drinking, and from vomiting and having diarrhea. He was hospitalized for the rest of the day and given antinausea medication, IV fluids, and a medication to coat the GI tract. They tried to get him to eat, but he would not. We picked him up at the end of the day. They though that we would have better success in feeding him at home. They instructed us to come back the next morning for more fluid therapy. We got him home and immediately tried to feed him. He wanted so badly to eat but would take in a mouthful of food and try to swallow it but could not. Over the next few hours, we fed him his food piece by piece. The following morning, we went back to the vets and informed them that he could not swallow correctly or eat on his own. Radiographs were taken of his esophagus, and it was determined that he had a mass impinging on it. Paco had had a cancerous tumor removed from his foot some years ago, and recently had a mass develop on his abdomen. Taking into account his previous history with cancer and neurological symptoms the veterinarian decided that it was in Paco's best interest to end his suffering by humane euthanasia. Paco was surrounded by his loving family in the end. He will be sorely missed. 

Paco's Life

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