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About Jasmine

Boss Dog

Our furry family is led by Jasmine, who came to us from a backyard breeding situation. Although we were unable to save the rest of her litter, Jasmine has become a cherished member of our family and brings us happiness every day. Despite her difficult start, she has risen to the role of pack leader with grace and affection.


Jasmine's Story

We found out early that Jasmine has severe vaccine reactions every time she receives her yearly vaccinations. She has to take a Benadryl or steroids each time she gets her yearly vaccinations. She developed two large fatty tumors, called lipomas, on her abdomen. They are benign so we didn't have them removed. We have since found out that she has two large marble sized tumors located within these lipomas. She has an appointment to gets these new growths checked out. Two years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes and requires insulin injections twice a day. She had to be put on a strict diet to help prevent glucose spikes. She goes to the vet every six months to make sure her current insulin regiment is regulating her glucose correctly.

Jasmine's Life

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