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About Max

A Good Ol' Boy, "Eeyore"

Max came to us from a co-worker at the time. He was terrified. He had horrible food aggression, he would tinkle whenever he thought he was in trouble, and he had horrible back problems from being played with too rough.


Max's Story

Max was very fearful when he came to us. He had really bad food aggression and a very bad back. We took him to the vet and got him started on pain medication for his back and started working on his food aggression. At the age of 3, Max was rushed to the emergency vet for uncontrolled bleeding. He was diagnosed with immunologic hemolytic anemia. He spent a week in the hospital and began an aggressive medication regiment to get his condition under control. For several years he was on this medication regiment. We took him for his regular bloodwork, and it showed that his liver was failing. The medication that was treating his immune system problems was killing his liver. He went through a myriad of test, and it was determined that he had to be taken off of his medication. Max is now a senior. He gets checked yearly to see if his condition is returning. He spends most of his time relaxing on his comfortable dog bed.

Max's Life

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