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About Chewy

Loyal Companion

Chewy came to us in December of 2019 in pretty rough shape. He was brought into the vet clinic in a trash can near death. He had severe diarrhea, was not able to use his back legs due to malnutrition and was riddled with skin problems. Later it was determined that he had coccidia, malnutrition, and ringworm. 


Chewy's Story

Chewy came to us at just 4 weeks old while we were working with Stewart County Faithful Friends Animal Rescue in Dover, TN. We had to treat the coccidia and ringworm right away. The diarrhea from the coccidia left him severely dehydrated and week. We had to give him weekly shampoos to rid him of the ringworm. To treat the malnutrition, we had to put him on a special diet and feeding schedule. We also had to start an extensive physical therapy regiment so that he could regain the use of his back legs. When Chewy was 2 he was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and had to start a special low-fat diet to prevent flair ups. He is doing well on his new diet. He does still have some flair ups, but they are less frequent. Chewy had an allergic reaction to a dog treat that he had been eating his whole life. They had changed the ingredients. He almost died. We gave him a Benadryl and that did not help. He was rushed to the vets, and they had to give him steroids to get rid of the swollen face and neck and hives.

Chewy's Life

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