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What a fun-loving little gentleman we have here. This is Neville. He weighs in at only 11.8 pounds. He is a 1 1/2-year-old Chiweenie. He loves to lounge on the couch with his humans. We do not know anything about Neville’s history before he came to us. We do know for sure that he was on the streets for at least 3 days. When we caught him, he was riddled with fleas and ticks. He is current on his vaccinations, will be neutered May 31st, and is on flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention. He is heartworm negative. He is working on his potty training and crate training. He picks up on tasks very well. Not much socialization was done in his previous home because he does not know how to play with dog toys or the other dogs in the house. He is friendly with dogs his size, both male and female. We have not evaluated him with larger dogs, cats, or children. He is human tested with food aggression and shows none. We have not evaluated him with other dogs coming nearby. All the dogs in our sanctuary have assigned places to eat, so they do not wander. Training with his crate involves the command “kennel.” He will enter his kennel and he is presented with a treat. We use positive reinforcement training here at the sanctuary. He is doing great with his potty training. He has been without his belly band for the past week and has had only one accident in the house. We put the belly band on at night at first, but now he goes without all day long. We are on a schedule of going outside to potty every four hours. If the dogs let us know they need to go sooner, we take them out at that time. He will not be available until after his neuter on the 31st, but we are accepting applications for his adoption. Please fill out an application and email or fax it back to us. Our email is and our fax number is 931-443-0441. You may call the sanctuary at 931-516-9418 to ask for an application.

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